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3 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Bike Trailer

If you own a bicycle and enjoy using it to travel around your local area, it's worthwhile to learn about the variety of different bike trailers that are on the market. For someone who owns a kayak or is planning to buy one, a kayak bike trailer can be a smart investment. These trailers come in several styles, but all share the common purpose of allowing you to easily transport a kayak behind your bicycle. Many also allow you to carry a stand-up paddleboard instead of a kayak. Here are some reasons that you should think about buying a bike trailer.

No Need for a Vehicle

Most people who wish to transport a kayak to a local body of water choose to do so with a vehicle. A car can carry a kayak on roof racks, while a kayak can commonly fit in the bed of a truck. Not everyone has easy access to a vehicle, however. If you enjoy kayaking but don't own a car, you don't necessarily want to recruit a friend who has a vehicle to help you transport your boat to the water. Buying a kayak bike trailer that you can hitch to your bicycle will allow you to take your kayak wherever you wish without needing a vehicle.

Easy to Access No-Car Areas

When you pull a kayak behind your bicycle with the help of a kayak bike trailer, you'll be able to get access to areas that you cannot visit with a vehicle. For example, if you're looking to put your kayak in the water at a large park where the parking lot is a considerable distance from the waterfront, you can easily ride your bicycle right to the edge of the water. You can then unload your kayak, lock your bike to a nearby tree, and go for a paddle. If you were to use a vehicle to carry the kayak, you'd need to leave it in the parking lot and carry the kayak a considerable distance — something that may be challenging.

Extra Source of Exercise

Kayaking is a good way to stay in shape, but the one drawback of this exercise is that it doesn't work your lower body. Towing a kayak to the water behind your bicycle, however, can provide an extra source of exercise for you — and one that specifically targets your legs. If you're happy with the upper-body workout that you get from kayaking but you want to work on your legs, too, pulling a kayak behind your bicycle can be an effective lower-body workout. Shop for a kayak bike trailer at a retailer such as Salamander Paddle Gear.