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4 Great Reasons To Use Trekking Poles

Whether you are an avid hiker who wants to level up with some more advanced gear or you're a novice who is just starting to explore the exciting world of hiking equipment, there are several reasons why trekking poles are a great addition to any backpack. Take a look below for just four of the biggest advantages trekking poles can give you.

Protect Your Knees

One of the most common reasons people purchase trekking poles is because of how hard hiking can be on your knees. Poles allow you to take away much of the impact that would otherwise be absorbed by your knees (especially on a steep descent), allowing you to extend your treks and plan additional trips for many years to come.

Improve Stability

When it comes to difficult terrain, there is nothing better than having a sturdy set of trekking poles to help you navigate it. Poles give you a sense of balance and security that it is difficult to replicate otherwise, so if you're planning a long hike across particularly rocky slopes, poles can save you from a potentially nasty fall. Many poles even have an additional shock absorption feature built in that you can activate when needed.

Keep Your Pack Small and Light

One of the main reasons people often put off purchasing trekking poles is that they believe it will make their pack substantially heavier and bulkier. But modern poles are incredibly light — a typical lightweight pair is just 500g or so — and can be folded or collapsed so that they fit in small side pockets. Gram for gram, there are few pieces of hiking equipment that are more beneficial than trekking poles.

Have Access to Convenient Features

Perhaps the best thing about modern trekking poles is that manufacturers haven't stopped innovating. Not only are poles lighter and smaller, but they also come with add-ons that can prove invaluable to all hikers. Some poles, for instance, feature a water filtration device in the handles in case you need to drink from a natural stream or river in an emergency. Others have pepper spray canisters built in so that if you encounter a bear, you'll have an effective method of deterrence right at your fingertips.

Whether it's to protect your knees, keep your balance, or fend off bears in the backcountry, there is bound to be a pair of trekking poles that is a perfect fit. Visit a sporting goods store today to buy a trekking pole such as a pepper stick trekking pole.