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Off-Ice Strategies for Improving Your Skating

If you really want to improve your ice skating skills, you need to do some practicing off-ice, too. No one can spend all of their time on the ice, so devising ways to improve skills while in regular environments is essential. The strategies seem, for the most part, like things you’d do just to improve your life in general. But all of them together have an impact on your ability to balance, move, and survive on slippery ice. Do a Specific Workout Program Being able to balance and stay upright on the ice — not to mention to move efficiently, too — relies on strength and flexibility. Even the most well-cared-for rink and the best skates aren’t going to replace the ability to keep control over your limbs when your feet and skates want to slide all over the place. The U.S. Figure Skating organization, which is the main body overseeing competitive figure skating in the United States, including the Olympic team, has sets of exercises you can do to practice agility and strength in ways that will help you on the ice. These are created for specific groups (for example, novice to intermediate skaters), and the organization has a few of these. Work with your skating instructor to identify which programs would be best for you to follow. Get Your Sleep Over the past few years, sleep has become the hot buzzword in wellness, and for good reason. Sleep helps your body regulate itself and cleans out the neurological trash from the previous day. For sports like ice skating, sleep helps improve your reaction time, as well as your... read more

Reduce Discomfort In Your Knees Associated With Arthritis

If you have arthritis in your knees and often find that the pain associated with it causes you to avoid walking or standing for extended amounts of time, the following tips may help reduce discomfort and make it easier for you to cope with the inflammation in your knees joints. Hot And Cold Wraps Hot and cold wraps are sold in pharmacies and contain a gel filling that can be heated inside of a microwave or cooled in a freezer. Experiment with hot and cold therapy in order to determine which one assists with reducing pain. A wrap is designed to fit securely around the knee area. Place the wrap in your freezer for several minutes or warm it up in a microwave for a minute. Place one of your feet inside of the wrap and pull the fabric upwards until it is lined up over your knee. Put the other wrap on in the same manner. The coolness that the wrap emits will provide soothing comfort and will numb the affected area. It will also reduce swelling in each knee. Heated wraps will increase blood flow through your legs and will alleviate stiffness. Use hot and cold wraps whenever needed. They will remain in place while you are on your feet and may make it easier for you to move around.  Massage While Legs Are Elevated Ask a close friend to provide you with a relaxing massage while your legs are elevated. Prop your legs up on a wedge pillow until you are comfortable. Ask your friend to dim the lighting in the room that you are in... read more

Things To Consider Before Going Into Business With A Partner

When you are thinking about starting a new business, working with a partner is often very enticing. This allows both of you to share the responsibilities, brainstorm ideas together, and help get financing with both of your credit ratings. However, you need to think about a few things before deciding who to partner with. Find Someone Who Brings Skills You Don’t Have To benefit the most from a business partner, choose someone that has skills you don’t currently have. This allows both of you to bring a unique skill set to the new business, as opposed to two people with the same experience trying to split up all the responsibilities. For example, if you want to start a business where you develop new apps and you are good at the creative side, you might need someone with the technical skills to actually create the apps. Look Into Their Financial Stability Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know what the financial situation of your potential business entrepreneur partner is. They should be more than willing to share their finances with you, just like you will with them, to make sure this is something that will work out for both of you. You don’t want to go into business with someone that has past experience with filing for bankruptcy or not paying their bills or someone who might have major expenses that could get in the way of helping to fund your business. You should be on about the same level with your partner when it comes to finances. Make Sure Your Business Brand is Priority The... read more

Gymnastics: An Effective Tool For Aiding In An Autistic Child’s Growth And Development

Gymnastics is not only good for keeping kids active and healthy, but the sport also provides a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) opportunities to achieve, be successful in school, and develop new skills. The sport isn’t just about learning to how walk a balance beam, tumble, or do a back flip. Participation in gymnastics helps children improve in other developmental areas. Gymnastics can give your child with ASD the opportunity to grow and develop both by doing and watching what others do. Motor Skills Development Gymnastics provides physical exercise that helps children with ASD improve their fine and gross motor skills. Activities such as running, jumping, rolling, and tumbling help develop a child’s gross motor skills. Gymnastics activities that develop and strengthen the large muscles in the shoulders, arms, and trunk also provide a foundation for developing fine motor skills such as writing, using scissors, and manipulating other small objects with the fingers. Sensory Stimulation For kids with ASD who have sensory issues, the sport of gymnastics offers an environment filled with activities that provide sensory stimulation. While most kids love to move and be active, those with ASD particularly like to play games that provide repetitive motions and strong sensory feedback. One study found that children with ASD prefer to engage in activities that stimulate the senses and involve a lot of movement – both something that gymnastics provides. Gymnastics is a sport that involves the vestibular and proprioceptive senses, as the activities focus on motion, balance, and control over the limbs. Kids with autism often have sensory problems that contribute to stimming behaviors such as spinning,... read more

How to Customize Your Badminton Racket to Improve Your Game

If you have been playing badminton for a while, and feel you have progressed beyond beginner status, it may be time for you to think about customizing your racket to improve your game. If your racket came with the strings already in it, you may want to consider buying a new one, with the strings, and starting there. Here are a few reasons to customize your racket. Strings Two aspects to badminton racket strings that are important. There is the string itself, and the tension used when stringing it. Strings are made of either gut or synthetic materials. Gut strings have good elasticity and stability. They remain taut and springy but will not last as long as synthetic strings.  You should choose a thin string gauge for more power and control over the shuttle, but do not go so thin it will break easily with the tension you use. When it comes to the string tension, you need to know how your strengths and weaknesses. A higher tension will give you more control, but less power than a racket strung with less tension. In addition, the higher the tension, the more the energy moves to your hand and arm. This can result in damage to the muscles and tendons. Using a lesser tension will keep you from damaging your arm and give you more power. If you have an even mixture of power and control, go with a string tension somewhere in the middle; right around 20 to 21 lbs. Weight Racket weight is crucial to your swing speed. How the weight is distributed should be determine by your... read more

Child’s Baseball Team Won The Championship? Tips For Having A Celebration

If your child’s baseball team has won their championship game, you should have a celebration. This will show them how proud you are of all the hard work they have done throughout the season. Get the other parents to help you come up with some great ideas. Below are a few things you can consider doing for them. Trophy Your child likely received a trophy at the end of their baseball season, especially if they won the championship game. You should consider getting them an extra trophy on your own for each child. You can order trophies and have them engraved with anything that you want on them. Visit the trophy store and they can help you design a nice trophy. A company like Washington Trophy Center can give you more information. If you would like to save money, you can make the trophies for them. Purchase some clear plastic cups in the size that you want the trophy to be, and clear plastic plates at a craft store. Place hot glue around the edges of the plastic cups, and put the plate over them. Let it completely dry. Use gold or silver spray paint to paint the trophy and let it dry. Glue whatever you want on top of the plate, such as a small plastic baseball, figurine of a baseball player, etc. Write their name, date, their position, jersey number, and whatever else you want on strips of paper and glue them to the trophy. Hotel Rent a few hotel rooms somewhere locally for your child and their friends. Ask the parents to chip in on the costs. Choose a... read more

Properly Prepare For Your First Golf Outing

Golfing can be a great way for people to connect with one another. Many companies are now sending their employees on golf outings to allow everyone to connect on a personal level. If you have never been golfing before and have an upcoming golf outing to attend, you need to make sure that you are properly prepared. The following guide walks you through a few things you may not be thinking about when planning for your outing. Bugs You will be outside for a majority of the day. You need to be sure that you take the time to protect yourself from bugs that will be on the golf course. Do not wear hairspray, cologne, or perfume on your outing as they often attract mosquitoes. Be sure to wear bug spray and bring the bottle with you so that you can reapply it if it starts to wear off throughout the day. Hydration Be sure that you bring plenty of water with you so that you can be sure to stay hydrated. There will be people driving around the course selling water, beer, and snacks throughout the day, but making sure you have your own water to drink so that you stay hydrated is important. Shoes Wear comfortable shoes on your first golf outing. Find out what type of shoes the golf course allows a few weeks before you are supposed to go on the outing and start wearing them right away. You want to break the shoes in before the big day so that you do not get blisters on your feet. Rentals Do not invest in expensive golf... read more

Dress Right For A Gentleman’s Game Of Golf: A Guide To Dressing For The Greenie

If you’re new or even a little experienced at the wonderful game of golf, but are still not sure how to dress appropriately for a day on the green, here are some tips on basic clothing and accessories.  1. Shirts and Pants Shirts can be long or short-sleeved, depending on what’s appropriate for the weather. The main thing to remember is that it should have a collar. Generally, a cotton-knit fabric breathes nice, and allows for flexibility and movement, which you’ll need to work on your swing. Functionality is key in golf-wear, but looking good while playing is never going to hurt you. Don’t show up to the country club or course looking shabby in ratty jeans or an old T-shirt. Holes are for your golf balls, not your golf apparel. Remember that you are playing a dignified gentleman’s game, not attending a frat party. With that said, khaki slacks are good pants for golfing. There are pants made that have a grip lining in the waist, so that no one sees anything they don’t want to see. Long shorts are acceptable in hot or tropical weather. Speaking of weather, you can purchase sweat-wicking shirts to wear in muggy weather. You’ll be glad you did when you’re on the 13th or 14th hole in the heat. 2. Shoes Wear shoes that are comfortable, yet classy looking. You can get away with boat or canvas shoes, but a true gentleman would wear leather wingtips or oxfords. There are shoes specifically designed for golfers, and some have cleats for better support, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on the... read more

How To Sharpen Augur Blades

Ice fishing season is done for another year and it’s time to put away the tents, ice fishing poles, and augurs that cut through the ice. However, before you place that augur back into storage, you should take time to make sure it’s ready to use once the ponds and lakes freeze over again next winter – since there’s nothing worse for an ice fisherman than not having their tools ready when the excitement of frozen mornings alerts them to the start of a new ice fishing season. Here is how you can sharpen your augur so you can take advantage of the new season when it arrives. You Will Need: Vise Diamond Fine Grain File 2 Wrenches Gloves Remove Blade You can remove the blades using two wrenches. Place one wrench on the nut and the other on the bolt and twist it counter-clockwise. You may have several blades on your augur – a cutting blade or two, and a couple of guide blades. Be careful working on the blades, because even though they have become dull through usage, they might still be able to slice through the skin on your hands. Make sure you are wearing heavy gloves to protect your hands from getting sliced up. Sharpening Blades Place one blade at a time into a vise and tighten the vise until the blade is firmly held in place with the blade facing up. You should use a diamond impregnated, fine grain file to file down the cutting edge of the blade. The file should be long enough to file the entire surface of the blade at... read more

Want To Ride Like A Pro? Make Sure A Road Bike Is The Right Size

If you’re considering getting into biking like the pros, you might be wondering where to buy it and which size works for you. While there are many places to purchase a road bike, the method to choosing the one that’s right for you is the same. Because you could spend up to a thousand dollars or more on a good bike, it needs to fit perfectly and comfortably. This guide explains what to do to obtain the perfect size road bike. The Right Frame Height Road bikes normally have pedals that require shoes that clip into them. Choose the shoes you’ll wear and wear them while checking the bike for the proper frame height. Once you have your shoes on, the height of the frame is easy to check. Simply stand over the bar and check the distance. Check to see if there is about an inch between your crotch and the bar. The Right Handlebar Distance Sit on the seat of the bike and check the handlebar placement. Check to ensure that your arms do not have to extend completely to reach the handlebars. Instead, your elbows should have a small bend in them. The slight bend in the elbows allows for better comfort and less fatigue to your body, because the handlebars are not so far away that you’re expending energy trying to keep your hands on the bike. Additionally, the handlebars are not so close to your body that you’re overcompensating with other muscles to stay on the bike. The Right Seat The seat of the bike is easily adjustable so that you can position it... read more

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