The Perfect Bat

Properly Prepare For Your First Golf Outing

Golfing can be a great way for people to connect with one another. Many companies are now sending their employees on golf outings to allow everyone to connect on a personal level. If you have never been golfing before and have an upcoming golf outing to attend,... read more

How To Sharpen Augur Blades

Ice fishing season is done for another year and it’s time to put away the tents, ice fishing poles, and augurs that cut through the ice. However, before you place that augur back into storage, you should take time to make sure it’s ready to use once the... read more

About Me

My husband and I are huge baseball fans. During baseball season, we almost never miss watching our favorite professional baseball team on television. A couple of years ago, my husband suggested that we buy some baseball equipment. He wanted us to start playing the sport that we love so much in our own backyard. After I agreed to his idea, we went shopping for the sports supplies we needed such as a bat, a couple of gloves, and a baseball. At our local sports goods retailer, we couldn’t figure out what type of bat to purchase. So, we decided to go home and research the various types of bats available on the market today. We ended up buying a beautiful wooden one. On this blog, you will discover what type of baseball bat is perfect for your needs.