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How to Customize Your Badminton Racket to Improve Your Game

If you have been playing badminton for a while, and feel you have progressed beyond beginner status, it may be time for you to think about customizing your racket to improve your game. If your racket came with the strings already in it, you may want to consider buying a new one, with the strings, and starting there. Here are a few reasons to customize your racket.


Two aspects to badminton racket strings that are important. There is the string itself, and the tension used when stringing it. Strings are made of either gut or synthetic materials. Gut strings have good elasticity and stability. They remain taut and springy but will not last as long as synthetic strings.  You should choose a thin string gauge for more power and control over the shuttle, but do not go so thin it will break easily with the tension you use.

When it comes to the string tension, you need to know how your strengths and weaknesses. A higher tension will give you more control, but less power than a racket strung with less tension. In addition, the higher the tension, the more the energy moves to your hand and arm. This can result in damage to the muscles and tendons. Using a lesser tension will keep you from damaging your arm and give you more power. If you have an even mixture of power and control, go with a string tension somewhere in the middle; right around 20 to 21 lbs.


Racket weight is crucial to your swing speed. How the weight is distributed should be determine by your playing style. If you are more of an offensive player, relying on well-executed and places shots, you should go with a racket that is heavier towards the grip, making it "head-light." If you play more defensively, smashing the ball back with such force and speed the opponent can't return it, go with a racket that is heavier in the head area, known as a "head-heavy" model. You may also choose to go with a balanced racket; this is for the player who is neither overly aggressive or strategic. It is also good when playing doubles.

You can also choose the size and type of the handle grip, but that is strictly a personal preference and has no bearing on the game. Figure out your playing style, know your abilities, and then pick the racket and have it strung. Of course, it all comes down to having a good time while playing the game. Talk to sports stores that provide badminton shoes, rackets and other accessories to learn more.