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Ammo Box Styles

Powerful and compact, the 9mm cartridge is a popular ammunition type that professional and recreational handgun owners rely upon. The purchase of an ammo box will ensure that bulk 9mm bullets remain protected and classified.

Box Designs

Where you will be using your firearm and the amount of ammo that you will need to store may influence the box design that will be the most useful to you. Box designs include field, home and office, and decoy models. A field box is designed to withstand the elements and will provide an end-user with the portability they may need. This type of box may contain a weatherproof or crushproof surface, a safety latch, and built-in cartridge holders.

A home and office ammo box is one that is designed to store items indoors. A rich wood or painted metal surface may comprise this style box. A box that will be used solely for storage purposes can be relatively larger and heavier in weight than a field box that will need to be transported.

A decoy box is one that may be designed to resemble a hope chest, a curio case, or another decorative box type that one may not associate with ammunition storage. This type of box may include a built-in secret compartment, a locking mechanism, and ornate trim. A box like this could be quite decorative and may include a padded interior and other luxurious features.

Materials, Floating Models, And Covers

If you occasionally purchase 250 rounds when you are restocking your ammo, you will need to examine the measurements of some ammo boxes. A box should always be slightly larger than an ammo collection. There should be extra space around each compartment where cartridges will be placed. Some stock box models may contain plenty of space for a bulk ammo collection. Each compartment within a box may be designated for the storage of a 9mm caliber cartridge.

A sporting goods store owner sells boxes for hobby shooters and professional marksmen. Any unique box designs that are going to be both decorative and functional can be ordered through a supplier that sells custom products. If you will be out in the field a lot and plan on spending time near natural bodies of water, purchasing a floating box model will prevent ammunition damage or loss. Outdoor usage will require that your box contains a hinged cover that can be snapped close.

For more information on a 250 rounds 9mm ammunitions box, contact a professional near you.