The Perfect Bat

4 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Game

Regardless of if you are pursuing tennis with a desire to compete in a competitive nature, or if you like to pursue tennis as a form of recreation, it is crucial to understand and enjoy the game.

#1: Find a Pattern of Play You Like

When playing a match, don't keep switching your style of play. Instead, find one or two styles of play that you really like and stick with those styles. Find a pattern of moves that work for you and use those in your matches. It may feel predictable, but sticking to a play pattern instead of jumping around and being more scattered in how you play can help you enjoy more consistent results.

#2: Focus on Placement and Speed

When you serve, you want to hit the ball with a lot of speed. However, serving is not all about speed. It is also about getting the placement right and setting up the shot correctly. Don't put 100% of your focus into hitting the ball as hard as you can; put some of your focus into setting up the shot first. Once you become more accurate with your shots, you can worry about increasing the speed or adding a little spin to your ball.

#3: Balance Your Body Weight

When you hit a ball, you need to pay attention to how you are balancing your body weight. You will want to place your weight on your back leg, as this will allow you to more easily transfer your weight from your back to your front leg as you hit the ball. Hitting the ball well during a match starts with using your legs and your weight to your advantage.

#4: Hire a Tennis Trainer

If you really want to improve your tennis game, you will want to work with a tennis trainer. A tennis trainer can watch you in action and provide you with specialized tips that will help you improve your game. In addition, they can work with you to learn new skills so that way the next time you step on the court, you see results.

#5: Nourish Yourself

A match, when played properly, takes a while. Therefore, you need to ensure you are taking care of yourself. During each changeover, take a sip of water or a sports drink, and keep hydrated. You can also take a bit of an energy bar or some other healthy food during changeovers. This will help you stay hydrated and energized for the entire match.

If you want to improve your tennis game, find a pattern of play you like and stick with it. Slow down on your services and focus on placement. Use your legs and weight to help with your swing. Nourish yourself as you play. Most importantly, hire a professional tennis trainer who can observe and coach you, providing you with personalized suggestions that will help improve your game.