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Child's Baseball Team Won The Championship? Tips For Having A Celebration

If your child's baseball team has won their championship game, you should have a celebration. This will show them how proud you are of all the hard work they have done throughout the season. Get the other parents to help you come up with some great ideas. Below are a few things you can consider doing for them.


Your child likely received a trophy at the end of their baseball season, especially if they won the championship game. You should consider getting them an extra trophy on your own for each child. You can order trophies and have them engraved with anything that you want on them. Visit the trophy store and they can help you design a nice trophy. A company like Washington Trophy Center can give you more information.

If you would like to save money, you can make the trophies for them. Purchase some clear plastic cups in the size that you want the trophy to be, and clear plastic plates at a craft store. Place hot glue around the edges of the plastic cups, and put the plate over them. Let it completely dry.

Use gold or silver spray paint to paint the trophy and let it dry. Glue whatever you want on top of the plate, such as a small plastic baseball, figurine of a baseball player, etc. Write their name, date, their position, jersey number, and whatever else you want on strips of paper and glue them to the trophy.


Rent a few hotel rooms somewhere locally for your child and their friends. Ask the parents to chip in on the costs. Choose a hotel that has either an inside or outside swimming pool. If the hotel does not have lifeguards, make sure enough parents are there to supervise them.

Got to the hotel the day before to decorate one of the rooms to hold the celebration party in. Place streamers around the walls, and blow up lots of balloons to put in the room. Decorate some of the balloons like a baseball. Put funny faces on the other balloons, or you could have a balloon for each child with their name on it.

Have food like you would have at a ball park, such as hot dogs, cracker jacks, and French fries. You could also purchase a lot of pizzas for the kids.  Make one large sugar cookie, and decorate it like a baseball.

If you cannot afford to rent hotel rooms for the children, have a celebration for them at a local park, or even at your home if you have the room for everything.