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Want To Ride Like A Pro? Make Sure A Road Bike Is The Right Size

If you're considering getting into biking like the pros, you might be wondering where to buy it and which size works for you. While there are many places to purchase a road bike, the method to choosing the one that's right for you is the same. Because you could spend up to a thousand dollars or more on a good bike, it needs to fit perfectly and comfortably. This guide explains what to do to obtain the perfect size road bike.

The Right Frame Height

Road bikes normally have pedals that require shoes that clip into them. Choose the shoes you'll wear and wear them while checking the bike for the proper frame height.

Once you have your shoes on, the height of the frame is easy to check. Simply stand over the bar and check the distance. Check to see if there is about an inch between your crotch and the bar.

The Right Handlebar Distance

Sit on the seat of the bike and check the handlebar placement. Check to ensure that your arms do not have to extend completely to reach the handlebars. Instead, your elbows should have a small bend in them.

The slight bend in the elbows allows for better comfort and less fatigue to your body, because the handlebars are not so far away that you're expending energy trying to keep your hands on the bike. Additionally, the handlebars are not so close to your body that you're overcompensating with other muscles to stay on the bike.

The Right Seat

The seat of the bike is easily adjustable so that you can position it in the spot that allows your legs to have a subtle bend at the knee. Check your knee bend when the pedal is at its lowest point to the floor. Then you'll know you have the right position.

Being comfortable on your bike has as much to do with the type of seat as it does the positioning of the seat, handlebars and the crossbar height. Road bikes have seats that are made for men, and seats or women. A man's bike seat is thin and long, while a lady's seat is short and wide. Check the seat and ask the associate to switch it out if needed.

Take your time when choosing your bike so that you can fit in with those who are more experienced at road biking. The more comfortable you are, the more you can enjoy the new adventure you're partaking in. Ask your bike associate like one from Sarasota Cyclery Inc for other tips and tricks when purchasing a bike to make you as comfortable as possible.